1. Harpenden Smiles Six Month Smiles Article

    30th January 2017 by harpenden

    Say Hello To Sixth Month Smiles

    At Harpenden Smiles, we are continually developing our knowledge to ensure you have access to a comprehensive range of the very latest dental treatments. And to further add to our impressive list of smile enhancing treatments, one of our dentists, Bianna, recently attended a Six Month Smiles® course. She is now qualified to deliver this innovative and satisfyingly speedy orthodontic treatment.

    Six Month Smiles perfectly complements Invisalign®, another of our orthodontic treatments, as it is an equally adult-friendly solution to crooked or overcrowded teeth. However, rather than being a series of clear, removable aligners, Six Month Smiles features clear fixed brackets with accompanying tooth-coloured wires – making it much less noticeable than ‘train-track’ braces. It also works in a fraction of the time as it focuses purely on the teeth that are revealed when you smile.

  2. Delivering Dental health Education

    14th November 2016 by harpenden

    We’ve been getting out and about visiting local schools over the last few months and recently dropped in at The Grove School in Harpenden to share our dental health messages with the pupils.

    The children listened eagerly as we explained how to keep teeth beautifully clean and they were delighted when we handed out tooth-friendly goody bags. We know the youngsters enjoyed our informative talk and learnt a thing or two about tooth care because they sent us a delightful thank you letter featuring photos of their very shiny teeth!


    We regularly present talks in schools with the aim of encouraging young children to develop excellent hygiene habits to help maintain healthy teeth for life. We also talked to pupils at the Manland Primary School in the summer – you can check out the video of our visit below.

    We are always keen to promote children’s oral health and provide free check-ups for your child if you are a parent registered with us. We love seeing our youngest patients and even got into the Halloween spirit over half-term when we adorned the practice with spooky decorations, including plenty of scary spider webs. And, as an extra treat, all those children who had an appointment over half-term were entered into a prize draw to win an incredible trip to Disney Land Paris!


    Thank you to all parents who bring along their fabulous children for treatment – it makes us dentists very happy to see the younger generation learning how to take care of their teeth with confidence for the future.

  3. June News

    7th July 2016 by harpenden

    It’s been a very busy month here at Harpenden Smiles with many of the staff being involved in extra training and taken part in courses to further their dental knowledge.

    A dentist is required to attend courses to maintain their licence to treat, however even if this weren’t the case, our team thoroughly enjoy learning new techniques, brushing up on old ones, and coming away filled with confidence that they are providing their patients with the latest techniques in excellence and safety.

    The month kicked off with Sab and Bianna attending the BDA Conference in Manchester. The talks included an update for dental professionals on infection control, facially generated treatment plan, Dental Implants, Minimal Intervention dentistry, Smile Design and occlusion problems, This event is a must in the dentistry calendar, providing a rich environment for soaking up all that is new and exciting in the dentistry world. (add in an image of the BDA log here)

    In the middle of the month, Sab attended the prestigious “Dentistry 16 – Star of Dentistry” event in London. He was personally invited by Ken Finlayson, owner and MD of dental publishing giants FMC who organised the event. Sab enjoyed listening to some of the world’s best clinician and clinic teachers. He learnt about the success strategy for tooth whitening. The course discussed the different types of tooth discoloration and wide variety of new innovative treatments such as Enzymatic Bleaching, Micro abrasion, Power Bleach, Internal Bleaching, the elimination of white spots using resin infiltration, Whitening maintenance treatment, Whitening Strips and Whitening Varnish. (teeth whitening image)

    It was then Bianna’s turn again to attend LonDec (The London dental Education Centre), which offers world class dental courses for every member of the dental team, for an Endondontic Masterclass.

  4. Visiting Manland Primary School

    1st July 2016 by harpenden

    As part of our commitment to the local community our therapist Laura Cross together with Sab and Bianna have visited  Manland Primary School to deliver OH talk to  year 4 and year 5 pupils.

    The children enjoyed themselves going through  best brushing techniques, fluoride advice, healthy diet, sugar consumption and how important it is to regularly visit the dentist.

    Some of the children and adult (teachers) where shocked and expressed  that it was jaw dropping to actually see the amount of sugar contained in normal food such as Baked beans, tomato ketchup, Lucozade, Cereal bar, etc.

    As part of the visit the children received a goody bag containing essentials to look after their teeth. (See photo sent)

    The children took place in a sugar quiz where they had to guess the amount of sugar in different  food such as Fruit Juice and here is some of their reactions:

    “When I’m going to Football I normally have Lucozade, but I will have only water from now on”

     “From now on  I will  do circular motions when brushing and will brush first thing in the morning before breakfast”

     “At the weekend I  like to eat beans on toast  or jacket potatoes with cheese and beans but now I will only have cheese and salad”

     “ From now on when I go to the shops I will not buy the sugary bright sweets”

     “ I will not have so many snacks throughout the day  and only have sweets with my main meals”


  5. Digital Symposium

    25th May 2016 by harpenden

    Keeping digitally up to date

    The Harpenden Smiles dentists are always keen to refresh and add to their extensive skills so they can stay at the top of their dental game and offer the very latest treatment techniques.

    Sab and Bianna were recently kept in the digital loop by attending the UK’s premier dental innovation symposium in London. This annual Digital Symposium offers a blend of high profile speakers and practical workshops to provide a complete overview of modern digital procedures. It is also designed to help dental professionals take their digital skills to the next level and inspire them to use technology to benefit their patients.

    The symposium covered all aspects of digital dentistry – a truly advanced branch of dentistry that can be applied to three main areas of dental care including:

      Dental implant surgery planning and implant restorations
    • Restorative dentistry
    • Digital smile design

    All of these processes involve computer analysis of specific patient data to provide a customised and more successful treatment outcome. They work in the following ways:

    Dental implant surgery planning

    Advanced equipment takes a scan – rather like a beefed up X-ray but with a myriad of different slices or views to create a more in-depth insight. This is then converted into a 3D plan to identify where the best part of the bone is to place a dental implant. By combining this plan with a digital impression, a surgical guide can be produced to show exactly where the hole needs to be drilled.

    The clever software also helps determine the position of the final tooth restoration that will eventually be fixed to an implant. An on-site milling machine creates the crown or alternatively the digital file can be sent to a dental lab for production.

    Restorative dentistry

    If a patient wants a crown or veneer designed, produced and fitted in just one day, this is very much a possibility with innovative digital dental equipment. Firstly, their tooth is prepared for treatment and a scan taken with a pencil-like camera. A milling machine constructs the restoration, which is then glued to the tooth on the very same day with no need for a second appointment or temporary restoration.

    Digital smile design

    A smile is snapped from several different angles. Using these digital photos, specialist software creates a plan for a natural, beautiful smile and the patient can see how this brand new grin will look before treatment even starts and be involved in the planning process.

    Sab and Bianna learnt lots of digital lessons at the symposium and all this newly acquired knowledge will only add to the technological knowhow that makes Harpenden Smiles a great choice for digital dental treatments.

    As you can see from the photo above, they also had a chance to network and pick up tips from a host of industry experts. These digital gurus were (from left to right) Frank Acosta (from the San Diego based Cerec OnDemand Education Center), our very own Bianna, Ian Bracher (from Halo Dental Lab, Birmingham), Dr Daniel Vasquez (Principal at DDS Dental – another San Diego based organisation) and Lino Adolf (Founder and owner of the Academy of Digital Dentistry, and certified trainer for Sirona Dental Systems).

  6. £4,500 raised for Harpenden Rugby Club U14’s Dublin Tour

    15th March 2016 by harpenden

    The team can’t wait to hear how the U14’s do on their tour in Dublin this April and are all looking forward to the next event to support the local Rugby Club.

  7. A big thank you for supporting HRFC Race Night

    7th March 2016 by harpenden

    We’ve been very proud to support the Under 14’s Dublin 2016 Rugby Tour this year through the local Rugby club’s Race Night and wish to thank all those that came and took part in the evening.

    With a few losses, but smiles all round, the club pulled off another fabulous evening in true Harpenden Rugby Club style!

    We wish the boys heading off on the tour ‘Good Luck’ and look forward to hearing how they progress on the tour and throughout the rest of the season.

  8. And we’re off!

    4th March 2016 by harpenden

    It’s all go at Harpenden Rugby Club tonight – horse racing has replaced rugby balls and we’re here for a rip roaring Race Night.

    The rumble of the horses running along the racetrack (on the big screen) is being accompanied by plenty of triumphant shouting and some disappointed sighing!

    We’re on top form spending (and hopefully winning) lots of money and enjoying the Harpenden Rugby Club hospitality.

    To top it all off this winning night of racing fun is all in aid of an equally exciting Dublin based Under 14s rugby tour that will be taking place in April.

  9. Harpenden Rugby Club are giving you a run for your money!

    3rd March 2016 by harpenden

    Try your luck at a high energy Race Night in aid of the HRFC Under 14s Dublin tour in April 2016

    Friday 4th March 2016
    7.30pm – 11.30pm

    This exhilarating event will be almost like the real thing, but instead of braving a rainy racecourse you can watch eight thrilling races up on the big screen in the comfort of the HRFC clubhouse. Everyone is welcome, so join us for a whirlwind of winning action including cash bets, prize auctions and a raffle.

    Want to be in the running? Then buy your ticket now for only £12.50 per head.

    And if you want to be fully prepared to place your bets, you can buy and name one of 64 horses in advance for just £10 per horse. If you turn out to be the proud owner of a winner you will receive a tasty restaurant voucher.

    There are sponsorship opportunities at stake too!

    If you are a local business why not be a front runner and take advantage of some Race Night sponsorship opportunities, such as giving one of the 8 races your business name for just £85, with the added bonus of a full colour page advert in the programme. Or you can get your name in the programme by donating a tempting raffle prize.

    How do I get involved?

    To book a place and/or buy some horses, simply make a bank transfer to:

    • HSBC
    • Sort Code: 40-23-11
    • Account Number: 41665979
    • Account Name: HRFC Lions
    • Reference: Your full name and the number of tickets and/or horses

    So for example, a payment of £45 would secure you two tickets, plus ownership and naming rights for two horses.

    When you have made a payment, please can you email andrew.hart@nortonrosefulbright.comwith details of your name, the amount paid (and, if relevant, the names of your horses)

    So race to it and buy your tickets now!

  10. Harpenden Smiles helps to restore a glorious golfing career

    29th February 2016 by harpenden

    Of course we’re experts at restoring smiles to their former glory, but we’ve also been helping to reinvigorate the career of a Harpenden golf pro and put him firmly back in the driving seat.

    Finlay Mitchell, a family friend of our practice principal Sab Bhandal, is a professional at Harpenden Golf Club who qualified as a PGA pro when he was just 18. However, his hopes of playing against the world’s best golfers were almost dashed when a spiral fracture of his humerus severed a nerve and left his arm paralysed for nearly a year. Surprisingly, the unusual accident occurred while Finlay was arm wrestling with a friend and he explained exactly why it happened: ‘I was doing a lot of gym work and fitness to help with the golf and basically my muscles had got too strong for the bone.’

    It has been a long road to recovery since that unfortunate tussle with his pal three years ago, yet despite a lack of feeling in the arm, he has still somehow managed to play in tournaments over the last year. Finlay has also had two operations, one of these just four weeks ago, and this was thanks to his association with the head of the largest nerve department in Europe, Marco Sinisi. Finlay coaches Mr Sinsi who arranged for the private operation to be undertaken with no cost to the young golf player. Finlay is understandably grateful: ‘He’s a top guy so that was a massive help.’ So how did Harpenden Smiles get involved? Well, Finlay has been best friends with Sab’s nephew for a number of years and he also coaches Sab’s family and Bianna’s son, but it’s not just this friendly connection with the Harpenden Smiles team that encouraged us to pitch in. We love playing an active part in the community, particularly in a sporty way – we are sponsors of our local rugby and hockey clubs after all – so we were very keen to help Finlay realise his PGA dreams.

    We have contributed by assisting Finlay with his travel expenses, as well as other costs and this helpful sponsorship seems to be doing the trick as Finlay is now focusing on improving his game and building his strength in preparation for working his magic on the golf course: ‘I’ve got my first tournament in two weeks to see how it goes and see what I need to work on for the rest of the season.’ The Harpenden Smiles team are all rooting for Finlay who will be attending the Open qualifiers in May – an event he describes as ‘the big one’!

    Carrying on the golf theme – we simply can’t get enough of this exciting game so we are planning to club together soon for a Harpenden Smiles team building golf day.