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COVID-19 Live Updates

30th March 2020: Helping you stay heart healthy..

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29th March 2020: Keeping the kids entertained..

With the children at home all the time are you running out of inspiration for keeping them entertained? We thought you might like to check out which has a fantastic selection of audio books to suit kids of all ages! Click on the image below to visit their website and see the full collection of children’s favourite audio books.

28th March 2020: Look after your teeth!

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy in these times of isolation and uncertainty might be more of a challenge than normal, but follow our expert tips and fingers crossed you’ll come out of the other side with healthy and happy teeth!

Even under normal circumstances, toothbrushes are prone to accumulating bacteria and if you are ill it’s very important to keep your toothbrush separate from those of other household members. Droplets that spread coronavirus are present in saliva, so if you, or anyone at home, has symptoms of COVID-19 make sure the toothbrush is kept isolated and replaced once the person returns to good health.

Remember to brush 2x day with a fluoride toothpaste, directing the brush at a 45 degree angle towards the gum margin and remember to not apply too much pressure or try to ‘scrub’ your teeth clean! With manual brushes use small gentle movements and with an electric brush just hold on each tooth and let the brush to do the work. When you finish brushing, spit out the excess toothpaste but don’t bother rinsing; the residue of fluoride toothpaste will further help to protect the teeth.

If your routine check-up or hygiene appointment has been postponed due to the current coronavirus crisis, please make sure you reschedule as soon as possible so we can work with you to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy.


27th March 2020: Showing the NHS some love!

26th March 2020: Dental problems – home treatment..

In the coming weeks it will become increasingly difficult to see your dentist for treatment unless it is a dental emergency so we have compiled some helpful tips for managing toothache and other dental problems at home.

Simply click on the image below to download a Word document with instructions on how best to alleviate pain due to different oral health issues and when to know that it’s time to call the practice or NHS 111 for expert guidance.

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25th March 2020: Message from the Government..

Every day we are being reminded of the importance to adhering to the government directive of staying home as much as possible and always maintaining social distancing on the occasions when we have to go outside. Hand hygiene is one of the key ways to prevent the spread of infection and we remind you about sanitising your hands before you leave your home and when you return. Take extra care when coming into contact with materials outside the home and avoid touching your face.

Please watch the video below with a vital message from the Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty about what steps to take should you begin to show symptoms of COVID-19.

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23rd March 2020: Managing appointments..

Every day we receive updates from the government and we are committed to responding in this escalating crisis as quickly and effectively as possible to keep our patients as well-informed as possible. Guidelines may change on a daily basis and we ask you to keep checking our website updates so you will be aware of developments which may affect the dental services we can provide.

If you wish to speak to a member of staff about a forthcoming appointment, please call our friendly reception team and we can answer any questions or concerns you may have. Furthermore, in line with the new government recommendations, we are currently requesting that patients comply with the following guidelines.

Please do not attend your appointment if any of the following conditions or symptoms apply to you:

  • You have come back from travelling abroad in the last 14 days
  • You have been in contact with anyone who has returned from abroad in the last 14 days
  • You have a persistent cough or high temperature
  • You have been in close proximity of someone with these symptoms

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21st March 2020: Protect yourself, protect others..

With the escalation of the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak we are all living in unprecedented times of uncertainty and anxiety and we would like to reassure our patients that we are committed to continuing to deliver necessary clinical services at both Harpenden Smiles Dental Studio and Hertfordshire Centre for Dentistry. Our dedicated and efficient teams are working harder than ever to maintain clean and hygienic practice environments in order to safeguard the health of both staff and patients.

In light of government guidelines we request that dental appointments are made via email or over the phone rather than in person at the practices. If you or any of your family are experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19 or have recently returned from a high risk country, or been in contact with someone who has, please refrain from attending dental appointments. We are also advising patients over 70, those with underlying health issues and pregnant women not to attend dental appointments unless it is for urgent treatment because of associated higher risks.

If you are self-isolating please refer to the NHS for guidance by clicking here and should you experience a dental emergency please contact NHS 111. Please check in again for regular updates as we report on developments which may affect our business and the services we provide. We advise everyone to review the video below which underlines the importance of hand hygiene in this growing crisis.

Updates for all clinic personnel may be accessed here.

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