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National Smile Month tries to reduce our dental anxiety

Posted in: Blog, by pfwpa, on 22nd May 2017 | 0 comments

Did you know that as many as two-thirds of Brits, some 67%, of people admit to being apprehensive when it comes to visiting the dentist for a check-up? This statistic came from Oral Health Foundation and Oral-B, and the poll also showed that the biggest reason behind this apprehension was the fear of pain and discomfort, followed closely by worries about the dental costs.

Campaigners from the charity initiative, National Smile Month, which is currently running from May 15th to June 15th, are hoping to alleviate some of this stress and anxiety associated with visiting your dentist. They are looking to reassure patients that there is nothing to be nervous about while visiting your dentist and the importance of overcoming this anxiety to look after your oral health.

Oral-B Ambassador, Dr Uchenna Okoye, has suggested five different ways that people can eliminate dental concerns and anxieties, which we detail here;

1) Communication – Speak with your dentist about any fears you have. A good dentist will always take your fears seriously, and they are well trained to deal with anxious patients. You could speak with friends or family members for recommendations of good dentists.
2) Easy does it – if you ease yourself into dental appointments, this may make your visits easier. You could start gradually and make an appointment for a check-up and clean and polish, then work up to a more extensive treatment appointment once the trust has been established between the dentist and patient.
3) The Early bird catches the worm – not literally of course, but if you book an early appointment, you will have less time to dwell on any worries. Plus you could always take a friend or family member with you.
4) Music to my ears – you could try taking headphones and your own music to listen to. This can put people at ease during their appointment.
5) Prevention is better than cure – if you look after your oral health by brushing twice a day, regularly flossing, using mouthwash and visiting your dentist every six months, this can aid in preventing any dental issues occurring in the first place.

Here at Harpenden Smiles, we welcome nervous patients. From the first time you enter our dental practice, you will be greeted by a friendly smile at our reception, and this welcoming approach will continue throughout your time with us. We want you to have a smile-filled dental experience.

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