1. Visiting Manland Primary School

    1st July 2016 by pfwpa

    As part of our commitment to the local community our therapist Laura Cross together with Sab and Bianna have visited  Manland Primary School to deliver OH talk to  year 4 and year 5 pupils.

    The children enjoyed themselves going through  best brushing techniques, fluoride advice, healthy diet, sugar consumption and how important it is to regularly visit the dentist.

    Some of the children and adult (teachers) where shocked and expressed  that it was jaw dropping to actually see the amount of sugar contained in normal food such as Baked beans, tomato ketchup, Lucozade, Cereal bar, etc.

    As part of the visit the children received a goody bag containing essentials to look after their teeth. (See photo sent)

    The children took place in a sugar quiz where they had to guess the amount of sugar in different  food such as Fruit Juice and here is some of their reactions:

    “When I’m going to Football I normally have Lucozade, but I will have only water from now on”

     “From now on  I will  do circular motions when brushing and will brush first thing in the morning before breakfast”

     “At the weekend I  like to eat beans on toast  or jacket potatoes with cheese and beans but now I will only have cheese and salad”

     “ From now on when I go to the shops I will not buy the sugary bright sweets”

     “ I will not have so many snacks throughout the day  and only have sweets with my main meals”


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