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A crown to (swiftly) top them all!

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Fancy being king or queen for the day? We might not be able to make you a real royal, but we can certainly provide the crown – and quickly!

If your decayed, damaged or discoloured teeth are giving you grief, we can help cover them up. And you won’t have to wait around, because we can design, produce and fit a shiny new crown in just one visit.

What makes it so speedy?

It’s all done so promptly because we have some super snazzy technology at our fingertips, known as CEREC (this stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics), which, as its name implies, eliminates the lab stuff, and hence the waiting. This clever computer aided system, developed in Switzerland in the 80s, uses a state of the art camera to take 3D pictures of your tooth, once a layer of enamel has been removed. These pics are then used to create a model from which the new crown will be designed. When we know it is going to be the perfect fit, we send your dental data to our on-site machine, and then after all kinds of technological wizardry, a shiny new crown is born.

After your crown has been created from a colour matched ceramic block, we may make a few little adjustments to ensure it blends in with your existing teeth. When we are satisfied it will fit in perfectly, we’ll fix it permanently to your prepared tooth and – ta da! – you’re free to show off your smart new smile.

So many beautiful benefits

  • A damaged tooth can be given a new lease with tooth matching ceramics.
  • Everything is neatly sorted in a single appointment. A lab produced crown normally requires two or three visits, so CEREC saves you precious time.
  • Only one lot of numbing injections are needed because it’s a superfast procedure.
  • We oversee the production and fitting of the crown, which can equate to better looking results, as a lab technician will not have met you, or your unique teeth.
  • With no waiting between appointments, there’s no need for a temporary restoration to keep your tooth safe.

And if you’re worried that a more convenient cover-up for disappointing teeth might be more expensive, don’t be. There’s actually very little difference in price between a conventionally produced crown and a CEREC one.

And CEREC doesn’t just get snappy with crowns, it can also be used to produce inlays, onlays and veneers.

So, if you’re looking for a ravishing restoration to top off your tricky tooth, give us a call on 01582 763420.

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