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Teeth Whitening

Would you like brighter teeth that will make you look and feel years younger?

Our effective tooth whitening treatments gently lighten teeth to enhance your natural tooth colour.

We use a combination of in-surgery and gel applications to use at home, delivering more immediate and longer lasting results.

We offer Zoom Teeth Whitening for only £625.00! Contact the practice today for more information.

We recommend a thorough consultation prior to whitening, to ensure your mouth meets the health criteria for a safe, effective outcome. The procedure includes desensitisation as standard, as many whitening procedures can cause sensitivity.

Following treatment, you can purchase top up gels to maintain your brighter smile.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom Teeth Whitening is a speedy, in-surgery solution for lightening discoloured teeth that offers a safe and highly effective way to smarten up your smile.

Teeth can lose their sparkle for a number of reasons including staining from smoking and dark coloured drinks, ageing, certain medications or trauma. Zoom is a highly effective treatment that addresses this unsightly discoloration and is also perfect for busy patients as its light activated technology really speeds up the whitening process.

What are the benefits of Zoom whitening?

  • Brighter teeth means a younger looking you
  • Quick, yet lasting, results
  • Considerably less sensitivity than other procedures
  • Performed safely in-surgery by a dental professional for optimum results
  • Enamel left unharmed
  • step-1

    Step One

    We carry out a pre-treatment assessment to make sure you are suitable for the procedure, taking a good look at your teeth, tongue and all the soft tissues, as well as taking x-rays if necessary.

  • step-2

    Step Two

    We then take impressions of your teeth so tailor-made whitening trays can be produced to fit perfectly. We also note the original shade of your teeth and ask you to smile for some ‘before’ photos so you will be able to judge the effectiveness of the treatment.

  • step-3

    Step Three

    When the trays are ready (after around a week) you will pop back to see us and we will check they are a great fit. You will also be shown how to use a special gel with the trays and wear these at home for a week.

  • step-4

    Step Four

    At your next appointment, it’s Zoom Whitening time! First we protect tender gums and lips so only your teeth are targeted with the stain busting gel, then we use the specially designed light to activate its brightening power. We carefully monitor the shade throughout the process until the desired brightness is reached – this can be up to 8 shades lighter.

    We will then give you a handy home kit with three syringes of gel to use in your customised trays for a few days following in-surgery treatment.

  • step-5

    Step Five

    We follow up the treatment process with a review appointment which involves more photo taking so we can accurately compare the ‘before’ and ‘after’ shades.

If you are looking to Zoom your way to a brighter smile then give us a call on 01582 763 420.

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