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One Day Crowns (CEREC)

We use the innovative CEREC system to design, create and fit your crown in just one visit.

The advanced technology means we don’t need to take impressions or affix a temporary crown, so the process is simplified and considerably quicker.

Using a special camera, we take a digital image of your prepared tooth to produce a computerised 3D model. This enables us to precisely design your crown so it fits accurately and blends perfectly with your existing teeth.

Your crown is made on-site using ceramic that comes in a wide range of shades and by further enhancing with special stains and glazes, we can create an even more natural looking result.

The advantages

  • Your tooth is beautifully restored in a convenient single appointment
  • Our dentists have complete control over the final result
  • Offers a durable and natural looking metal-free restoration
  • No need for temporary crowns or impressions

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