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Digital Symposium

Posted in: News, by pfwpa, on 25th May 2016 | 0 comments

Keeping digitally up to date

The Harpenden Smiles dentists are always keen to refresh and add to their extensive skills so they can stay at the top of their dental game and offer the very latest treatment techniques.

Sab and Bianna were recently kept in the digital loop by attending the UK’s premier dental innovation symposium in London. This annual Digital Symposium offers a blend of high profile speakers and practical workshops to provide a complete overview of modern digital procedures. It is also designed to help dental professionals take their digital skills to the next level and inspire them to use technology to benefit their patients.

The symposium covered all aspects of digital dentistry – a truly advanced branch of dentistry that can be applied to three main areas of dental care including:

    Dental implant surgery planning and implant restorations
  • Restorative dentistry
  • Digital smile design

All of these processes involve computer analysis of specific patient data to provide a customised and more successful treatment outcome. They work in the following ways:

Dental implant surgery planning

Advanced equipment takes a scan – rather like a beefed up X-ray but with a myriad of different slices or views to create a more in-depth insight. This is then converted into a 3D plan to identify where the best part of the bone is to place a dental implant. By combining this plan with a digital impression, a surgical guide can be produced to show exactly where the hole needs to be drilled.

The clever software also helps determine the position of the final tooth restoration that will eventually be fixed to an implant. An on-site milling machine creates the crown or alternatively the digital file can be sent to a dental lab for production.

Restorative dentistry

If a patient wants a crown or veneer designed, produced and fitted in just one day, this is very much a possibility with innovative digital dental equipment. Firstly, their tooth is prepared for treatment and a scan taken with a pencil-like camera. A milling machine constructs the restoration, which is then glued to the tooth on the very same day with no need for a second appointment or temporary restoration.

Digital smile design

A smile is snapped from several different angles. Using these digital photos, specialist software creates a plan for a natural, beautiful smile and the patient can see how this brand new grin will look before treatment even starts and be involved in the planning process.

Sab and Bianna learnt lots of digital lessons at the symposium and all this newly acquired knowledge will only add to the technological knowhow that makes Harpenden Smiles a great choice for digital dental treatments.

As you can see from the photo above, they also had a chance to network and pick up tips from a host of industry experts. These digital gurus were (from left to right) Frank Acosta (from the San Diego based Cerec OnDemand Education Center), our very own Bianna, Ian Bracher (from Halo Dental Lab, Birmingham), Dr Daniel Vasquez (Principal at DDS Dental – another San Diego based organisation) and Lino Adolf (Founder and owner of the Academy of Digital Dentistry, and certified trainer for Sirona Dental Systems).

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