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Give your teeth a clean break

Posted in: Blog, by pfwpa, on 16th March 2016 | 0 comments

We all know regular visits to the dentist help keep our teeth in tip top condition but to ensure the very best oral health you should also be getting to know our friendly hygienist, Laura; a qualified professional who knows all there is to know about keeping teeth super clean.

One of her top treatments is a thorough ‘scale and polish’ to remove lingering plaque and tartar that can harbour a whole bunch of bothersome bacteria. This treatment also leaves your teeth feeling beautifully silky and looking much healthier. It will give your breath a welcome blast of freshness too!

So much more than a wash and brush up!

Giving your teeth the equivalent of a gold standard car wash isn’t the only thing our hygienist will do for you. She is also fully trained to spot the signs of tooth threatening gum disease, which can sneak up on you without warning and if left untreated can cause real damage and even result in tooth loss.

Laura can also perform a potentially life-saving check by spotting any signs of mouth cancer – a disease that is on the rise and much easier to treat if caught early.

Also if you already have early stage gum disease or even advanced periodontitis, Laura can help prevent it getting any worse by providing periodontal therapy.

Toothy tutorials

Laura loves sharing her knowledge and giving tons of tips to help you keep on top of your oral health and preserve your precious teeth. She will teach you clever cleaning techniques including how to use dental tools such as interdental brushes and floss to keep every corner of your mouth spick and span. This means you can carry on all the good work at home and play your part in maintaining your dental health.

She will also offer dietary advice so you know exactly what to avoid when indulging in a tasty treat and will suggest any lifestyle changes to improve the health of your teeth, such as cutting out cigarettes.

Treating tiny teeth too

Laura is super friendly, so why not introduce her to your little ones. If children get used to seeing the hygienist, they will learn to be relaxed about visiting the practice and will also be introduced to having protective treatments such as fissure sealing and fluoride varnishes.

Whole body benefits

On top of all these oral health benefits, visiting our hygienist can have wider reaching positive effects, as studies have shown a link between poor gum health and other worrying diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

So it really is worth making friends with Laura and as hygienists can now see patients without referral from a dentist, anyone can treat their teeth and gums to some expert TLC.

Give us a call on 01582 763420 to book an appointment and clean up at Harpenden Smiles!

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