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Guard against toothy trauma

Posted in: Blog, by pfwpa, on 1st July 2016 | 0 comments

Here at Harpenden Smiles, we are big fans of sport, recognising how it can improve all-round fitness and encourage a sense of camaraderie. We are also keen to promote sporting activity in our community and are proud to be sponsors of Harpenden Hockey Club and Harpenden Rugby Club. We love all that exciting pitch based action but we also love teeth, which is why we recommend players always wear a custom-made mouth guard, particularly when they are involved in contact sports or games with fast moving balls.

A dental injury can involve a considerable amount of time and money to put right, as well as being painful. A mouth guard is a protective cover made from a tough, rubber like material that fits snugly over your teeth to keep them safe and sound while you get sporty. Our professionally produced mouth guards are specially designed to fit you perfectly for the best defence against injury and they offer much better protection for your prized pearly whites than cheaper mouth guards that you mould at home using boiling water.

It is so important cushion your teeth with a mouth guard when playing sports such as rugby, hockey, and cricket, as they can be particularly vulnerable during these lively activities. Potential dental damage could include broken or knocked out teeth, as well as injuries to your lips, tongue, face or jaw. A mouth guard should be as much a part of your sports’ kit as your rugby boots or hockey stick and you shouldn’t step foot on the pitch without one.

And don’t despair if you wear fixed braces, you can still get in the game by having a mouth guard designed to fit over your brace. This will not only prevent dental injuries, but also stop your hard working appliance from cutting into the soft tissues of your mouth and protect it from damage. Remember, your teeth will be moving all the time while you have orthodontic treatment, so it is important we regularly check your mouth guard is still a great fit. Bring your mouth guard to your regular check-ups so we can make sure it’s still in tip top condition.

Younger players may need mouth guards replacing more frequently because their mouths are still developing, but all mouth guards should be checked for wear and renewed if necessary. Keep your guard clean by rinsing after use or brushing with a toothbrush and toothpaste. When it is not acting as armour for your teeth, keep it in a protective box and out of reach of your pet pooch who may mistake it for a tempting dog chew.

At Harpenden Smiles, we are mouth guard aficionados. As well as sponsoring Harpenden Rugby Club, we now provide a complete mouth guard service to players, taking fittings and ensuring all mouth guards are expertly manufactured and swiftly received.

If you feel like proving your prowess on the playing field, but want to keep your treasured teeth safely protected, give us a call on 01582 763420.

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